Promote wellbeing at your school.

Provide personalized wellbeing resources to students, staff, and parents with Connectd for Schools. Use our out-of-the box digital tools or combine them with resources specific to your school.


Connectd for Schools supports improved wellbeing through evidence-based tools on topics such as getting better sleep, improving communication and social support, and coping with grief and stress.


Students, parents, and staff start by answering brief questions. Based on their responses, the app will provide strategies and resources to address their individual needs.

Safe and secure

Connectd for Schools can be configured for anonymous use, depending on school/district preferences. Data is transmitted and stored using industrial strength security protocols.

One Stop

Each time a digital asset is purchased or sold, Sequoir donates a percentage of the fees back


Connectd for Schools was developed in collaboration with youth, families, and educators to ensure programming is culturally-responsive and empowering.


You can roll out to your school with our standard digital and directory resources, or augment them with your own, to tightly integrate the app with your school.

One Stop

Each time a digital asset is purchased or sold, Sequoir donates a percentage of the fees back

Easy to use

The platform promotes engagement through notifications that offer personalized resources, check-ins, and occasionally encouragement and inspiration.

Curated by experts

Pathways, resources, and check-ins are selected and curated by a team of internationally recognized exports in trauma-informed care and resilience techniques.

A proven platform for your campus community

Connectd for Schools is a version of the more general Connectd mobile app, developed specifically with and for school communities. Connectd has been implemented to support wellbeing for a variety of audiences, including health care providers, foster youth and resource parents, and Veterans and their family members.

Tracks trends to support school programming

Resource interests and usage data are shown to administrators over time. School administrators can gain an even deeper understanding of their school’s needs by customizing check-ins. This information can be utilized to inform campus programming that supports students and families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Connectd for Schools?

Connectd for Schools is a highly configurable, intelligent platform for delivering curated, personalized health resources to users based on their interests and goals. It offers a library of engaging resources, personalized pathways, evidence-based tools, and information to help people feel good more often.

How do I get Connectd for Schools for my school?

Please fill out the contact form below, and we'll be in touch in right away! In advance of our meeting, it can be helpful to identify digital (videos, PDF, etc) and directory (local providers) information that might be relevant to your school community -- we can get many them integrated!

How do I find the app?

Students and parents will receive an invitation to download the app on their smartphone or other device. Schools can also provide QR codes to assist with a download. A personalized access code ensures individuals receive the app version associated with their school.

Who can access the data collected by the app?

Private information and individual responses are never shared. Aggregate data is available to school administrators to track trends over time.

Want to learn more?

Provide your email and school info. We'll be in touch!

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